REVIEW: Rent 20th Anniversary Concert

A Monday night is not always the best night to go out but tonight it became the best night out I have had in a long time as I went to see Rent 20th Anniversary Concert at St David’s Hall in Cardiff.
Rent is a Tony Awards winning rock musical based loosely on Puccini’s La Boheme. Set in New York City portraying the story of a group of friends struggling survive under the shadow of HIV/AIDS.
Despite the many technical problems that blighted the first half the cast did not once let this affect their performance.  I can’t single out out one person from the cast as each one portrayed their part stunningly well and from the very first number their performances gave me chills.
My favourite songs in the first half were It’s OK, Over the Moon and La Vie Bohème. In the second half I really enjoyed Take Me or Leave Me and Seasons on Love. The emotion portrayed on stage throughout the whole performance told the whole story without the need for a full set. You really felt that the whole cast were performing their hearts out for our entertainment.
One night in Cardiff is nowhere near enough, hope you come back soon for a repeat performance.

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