REVIEW: Ice Age Live, Motorpoint Arena

The Second Ice Age has finally come! The first of six presentations of Ice Age Live! – A Mammoth Adventure took place at Cardiff Motorpoint Arena on Friday evening.

It has to be said this stage presentation of the popular film series has been eagerly anticipated, especially when you learn that the creative team was lead by Guy Caron and Michael Curry whose credentials include Cirque du Soleil, The Walt Disney Company and The Olympics.

Both children and adults looked on to the Ice stage in awe as characters familiar with the Ice Age movies including Scrat the sabre toothed squirrel, Manny the woolly mammoth, Manny’s Wife Ellie, their cute daughter Peaches, Diego the sabre toothed tiger and of course Sid the sloth did battle with Shadow the prehistoric bird and his minions.

A vast array of colour bounced off suspended icicles as flying birds and acrobatic dancers took to the air to the backdrop of a fabulous and sometimes dramatic score. The character recreations were meticulous to detail and in the case of the Mammoth’s certainly lived up to the productions description.

There were plenty of surprises too, Peaches kidnapping by The Shadow as she took to the air, and spectacularly choreographed fight sequences when dancers appeared from within the main characters.

The coolest Ice Show around, Ice Age fans will not be disappointed when Ice Age Live! A Mammoth Adventure moves to Nottingham later this week before making its World premiere at Wembley Arena on November 2.

DISCLAIMER: While I am not paid for the review I do get the product/tickets for free

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