REVIEW: American Idiot, Wales Millennium Centre

Having been a long time fan of Green Day, I was really looking forward to the stage version of American Idiot. The original album was written as a rock opera, so it was quite easy for me to put my own minds eye interpretation on it. The stage realisation was much better than even I could have imagined and my high expectations were more than exceeded in this frenetic show.

The story follows the journey of Johnny / Jesus of Suburbia and two of his friends from the small town to the big city with all the trials that life throws at them. The spellbinding cast features Alex Nee as Johnny, Thomas Hettrick as Tunny and Casey O’Farrell as Will, the latter two delivering awesome harmonies when they sing together. Alyssa DiPalma, Jenna Rubaii, and Kennedy Caughell all deliver powerful performances as the boys respective love interests. Finally a mention for Trent Saunders as St. Jimmy who completely grabbed my attention every time he was on stage.

The creative team has excelled in this production with a multifunctional stage that includes a piece of scaffolding that works as a backdrop but also transforms into a bus for the song “Holiday”. The AV and Lighting team played an integral part of setting the atmosphere with the lights and helping to tell the story with over 30 onstage TV screens.

DISCLAIMER: While I am not paid for the review I do get the product/tickets for free

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