Awesome night with Cerys Matthews and Ballet Cymru

Tonight Seren and I have seen one of the best ballet’s ever. I’m not a huge fan of ballet. I really struggle with classical music so most ballet’s I won’t sit through. When I heard about a ballet set to music by Cerys Matthews I thought this might be good. From the Ballet Cymru website I learned that they like to present ballet in an unpretentious and original way so decided to give this a go.

Good has ended up being an understatement. The dancing was amazing from the opening piece “Cold Running” where the ballet was set to a rhythmn rather than music.  Cerys Matthews took to the stage to a huge ovation so you knew the audience was there more for her and her music rather than the dancing.

As soon as she got on stage Cerys was chatting and really friendly even though she had some technical issues to sort out.  From the opening song you know this as going to be an amazing evening.  Seren and I loved the fact that she was singing Welsh and the dancing added an extra factor to make the song complete. The evening ended up being a history lesson as well as a performance as Cerys was so knowledgeable about the history of the music she was playing.

My favourite songs were Migldi Magldi and At Lan y Mor but my favorite ballets were to Myfanwy and the Daisuke Miura solo (sorry can’t remember the name of the song). One of the best features of the evening was every time Cerys sang she faced the ballet to make sure the attention was on the dancers not her. They added so much to every song.

The performance ended with Calon Lan, one of the most well known welsh hymns. Cerys sang it brilliantly but I was really disappointed with the audience net singing along with the chorus. That would have made a hairs on the back of my neck stand on end and been an absolutely awesome finale.  My one complaint from the evening is that is was much too short.

Thank you to Cerys MatthewsBallet Cymru and The Riverfront for an awesome night.  You catch the show later in the year in Caernaforn, Cardiff and London.

DISCLAIMER: While I am not paid for the review I do get the product/tickets for free

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