Red Velvet Cake and Rhinestone Mondays

Oops! Long time no blog, thanks to summer holidays and now new school routine.  I will get some time doing the thing I love soon!   Just a quick update to let you know about some things I have been doing over the last week.  On Sunday I finally got to make a Red Velvet Cake. I have been dying to make one of these for about a  year and a half and the recipe had been on my fridge for the whole of the summer holidays.  Well, a week last Sunday I got all the ingredients but forgot the red food colouring so the cake had to wait until I got it this weekend.  The cake did take some time (including a blister on my thumb) but it was well worth it and everyone loved it.  In fact it was eaten so quick I didn’t get a chance to get a good picture!

Last night S and I went to the New Theatre in Cardiff to see Rhinestone Mondays.  It was a really great night, here’s the review I wrote for the local paper:

Going to the New Theatre in Cardiff is always a treat as the building is as beautiful as the shows that go on there – full of intricate beadwork and beautiful colours.
This week the featured show is Rhinestone Mondays, a brand new musical from Joe Graham following the ups and downs of a line dancing group which meet on a Monday night at a local social club. The main story follows the romance between Annie (Faye Tozer) and Tom (Antony Topham) who played some really touching and emotional scenes.
The cast, which consists of Shaun Williamson, Faye Tozer, Ian H Watkins, Lyn Paul, Anthony Topham, Ally Holmes, Phil Pritchard and Pauline Fleming all gave outstanding performances. My favourite part of the evening was the song Dance the Night Away where Anthony Topham wowed the audience with his beautiful singing voice and dance moves.
The show is full of country classics like Crazy, Ring of Fire, A Thing Called Love, Annie’s Song and Stand by Your Man as well as modern country hits 5, 6, 7, 8, There’s your Trouble and Achy Breaky Heart. My only complaint is that the show felt a little short and we could have done with more of a sing-along at the end of the show.
Rhinestone Mondays is a must for all country music fans but you don’t need to be a die hard country fan to enjoy it, what’s more it’s suitable for all ages which is always a plus.
The show continues at the New Theatre until Saturday 8th October 2011

    The highlight of the evening for me was definitely Anthony Topham and I was thrilled to see a bit more of him in this advert.  Afterwards we waited by the stage door and met Shaun Williamson, Ian H Watkins and Faye Tozer.  They were all lovely and so accommodating.  Faye posed for a beautiful pic with Seren so thank you Faye.

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