Quote Inspiration from Pinterest (10 Things)

I have been loving Pinterest for a while and am currently using it as my bookmark area for things that I want to use as inspiration.  I have the obvious ones, Scrapbooking, Cards and Craft Inspiration boards for future crafty items, as well as My Style (for fashion/jewellery/hairstyles), Food Inspiration, and For the Home boards for the more general items.  For today’s 10 Things post I  have decided to link to my favourite 10 quotes that I have pinned on my Inspirational Quotes board.

These first 5 are what I try and live by.  I have to be happy for myself and no-one else.  Life can be hard, and throw lots of different things at you but I choose to appreciate what I have and try not to look at other people’s lives and wish mine was different.  I love my husband and love my kids, and now I love my job too. So I just have to remember that and enjoy every day!

Source: etsy.com via Rachel on Pinterest

These next three are about getting things done. I’m a procrastinator and I always tend to put things off until the last minute and use these to remind me to get on with things.

Source: etsy.com via Rachel on Pinterest
Source: etsy.com via Rachel on Pinterest

These last 2 are are spiritual quotes that remind me about my faith.

I’m linking up with Shimelle’s 10 things today, click here to see A’s 10 things and there’s even  more 10 Things here.

Do you use pinterest?  If so leave me a comment about what you use it for or let me know what you use for inspiration instead.


  1. I love Pinterest, but keep forgetting to Pin something when I see it!! Love all the quotes you've collected, they are always fun to read and be inspired by.


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