WOYWW 27th April 2011

Hi everyone and welcome to another WOYWW!  If you’ve been reading my blog you know that this week I have had a trip to Ikea to buy a new shelving unit for the craft area in my bedroom.  You can see it on the right in this picture with the purple bags on it.  That’s cleared a load of room on my desk so I currently feel really organised and efficient.  Yesterday I managed to scrap a page from start to finish in 1 day, I still can’t believe it!  Read about it here and click here to see the mini book I spoke about in last’s weeks WOYWW all complete.  I’m on a roll at the moment!
Anyway, back to the newly organised and expaned craft corner:

Here is one half of my desk with the new shelving unit.  The big brown box on the bottom is full of my old knitting and cross stiching stuff along with A’s drawing boxes.  The next shelf has a pink basket with all my Tim Holtz goodies next to them all my projects that are waiting to be finished.  The self above has a purple back with all my Thickers and Acrylic stamps and finally, the top shelf has Dawson’s Creek dvds and my organizers with scissors, glue and other bits that you need to use on everything.
Thanks for coming by and looking if you want to see more desks go to the master list at Julia’s Blog and I’ll see you all later as I’m posting twice today to take part in a link up from Shimelle’s Blog, why not call back later to see that as well?


  1. WooHoo! Here's to organization! It makes life so much easier! Very nice layout that you finished in a day. I don't scrapbook much so…takes me a while! Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse


  2. Hello Rach! I so want to go to IKEA as well. I want some of those slim shelves like you have 4 of on the right. I want to put rolls of ribbon on them! Guess I am going to have to take a trip soon. Thanks for popping in to say Hi on WOYWW! Happy scrapping! Sue K


  3. Great storage area and your layout is fab – it shows all the fun of the seaside. Hope the weather is still as nice when we get down to Barmouth in a few weeks time. Elizabeth x #108


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