WOYWW 13 April 2011

Hi guys!  A rather cold WOYWW today.  I’m sitting here in a tshirt, jumper and coat and I just can’t get warm!  Only a small part of my desk today as it is a total mess with to much on it (a good sort out will be done later) and all you can see a pile of beaded safety pins ready to be made into a bracelet like this, just need to get some elastic to bind them all together.  

Here are the two pages I was working on last week.  Still need to give them titles but i’m useless at deciding what to put.  I need to find a course that will help me come up with titles for the pages.  At the moment I’m thinking of “Sort-of Cousins” for the first one and “Stonehouse” for the second (and green one) as that was the name of the pub garden the photo was taken in.


  1. I love those bracelets..have bought a couple (already made of course) in the last couple of years. Your LOs are fab..and as scrapobooking is all about preserving the memory, I think your titles are just fine!


  2. you dont have to have titles on every layout, or you could wait until the inspiration hits you. If i am stuck i try to think of things that rhyme or start with the same letter. Like …close as cousins, or could be cousins. It doesnt always work but it makes me think about it in different ways until i hit on something or just give up and file for later inspiration.caroline #49


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