Friday5 – 4/2/11

1. It’s 21 days to PaperArtsy with Tim Holtz.

2. It was my birthday yesterday. I had a lovely quiet day, in-between all the school runs.

3. I got 2 Glee albums (no’s 2 and 3), some craft bits (from Poundland!), 2 journals, Mrs Beeton’s Everyday Cook book, a bottle of Cava and a bottle of Rose and some chocolates. Brilliant presents, thanks everyone.

4. My big present is to go for a day with “Tim Holtz”. I think this will be the first time in about 8 years I have had a night all on my own, no kids and no husband. Can’t wait! But also I’m glad I’ve only booked 2 nights away – I’ll be missing them like crazy.

5. I’m feeling lousy today, I booked a couple of nights off work and instead of enjoying them I’ve been feeling rotten. Why does it always happen like this? Back in work tomorrow – teaching swimming in the morning!


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