Home Organisation finally finished

I managed to finished my home organisation mini books tonight. Have I said how much I love the House of 3 stuff?7

The books I finished tonight were the ToDo book and the home organisation booklet. The To Do book was really easy to make; I resized the black and white image so I could fit 3 onto 1 sheet of A4 and then printed out about 10 copies, trimmed them down and bound them with the bind-it-all.

The home organisation book was just as easy to create. I used most of the other colour pages (e.g. Renew, Refocus, Reorganise, It’s Time and Restyle) and printed them out A5 size. For the cover I used the image with the large 2011 and used the Ready image as the back cover.

I also added some of the freebies from the last two web shows just to jazz up the pages and and detail to some plain white sheets.

Off now to watch the end of the Britney Spears Glee episode as it was finally broadcast in Wales tonight. Yippee!

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