Home Organisation – How I made my own Food Planner

Finished my first mini-book from the REmarkable 2011 kit at the House of 3.  It’s a food planner for me to plan weekly menus and also keep a shopping list on the same page:

The kit gives the page in blue and black and white with a  menu planner on the left hand side of page and a space for you shopping list on the other side. Such a brilliant idea, I love it.  I printed out the colour one for the cover and then the inside pages I printed the back and white ones.

Love the fact that I have a perforator so I went down every page with it so I could easily tear off the shopping lists.

Want to make your own?
This book was really easy to do.  To make your own all you need is this kit from the House of 3, some white paper, chipboard, a perforator and a Bind-it-All (or book rings/ribbon/twine).

  1. To start off with I resized the black and white image from the kit to fit A5 so I could print 2 pages per sheet of A4 but you can make you book any size. I then printed 26 sheets (so I had 52 pages for my book) and cut them in half.
  2. I then resized the colour version to A5 and printed the colour version onto another sheet of A4 paper and cut this in half.
  3. Then, with a craft mat underneath I used my perforator and went down the dividing line on each page.  As I did it free hand all the lines are squint and uneven but that doesn’t matter as it adds character to the book.
  4. Next, you need to cut a piece of chipboard to A5 
  5. Now you have everything together you need to cut holes in every sheet either using a Bind-it-All or a hole punch like the Crop-o-dile.
  6. Finally bing them all together using your own way, I used my Bind -it all.

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